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World Veterinarian Volunteers

In 2009, Anthon received an invitation to participate in a documentary project in the Peruvian jungle with the Animal Planet team. The project aimed to provide medical care to the local pet owners and stray animals with the help of veterinarians from all over the world. Anthon took on the role of documenting the work of the volunteers during the expedition, capturing the impact of their efforts on the community. He spent 30 days in the jungle of Iquitos working on the documentary, to provide excellent and unique images.

This experience proved to be a valuable learning opportunity for Anthon, as he gained insight into the world of documentary photography. It sparked his passion for telling stories through his images. His knowledge of multiple languages and cultures is an asset to the job, as well as his roots in arts. Since then, he has worked on a wide range of projects, including high-end fashion shoots and intimate portraits. He always strives to capture the essence of his subjects and tell their stories without words.

Anthon’s talent and dedication have earned him a reputation as a versatile and talented photographer. His work continues to inspire and move audiences around the world, making him a well-known name in the photography industry. His unique perspective and ability to capture the essence of the culture, as well as the language barriers he overcomes, makes his work stand out and unique.

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