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Noir Collection

The NOIR collection is a selection of Anthon Cauper’s monochrome photography, featuring images from a range of genres, including documentary and fashion. Anthon has a passion for the beauty of monochrome images and how they can captivate the viewer without the need for color. These photographs have a unique story to tell and are a testament to Anthon’s talent and dedication as a photographer.

Anthon began his career working with vibrant colours, drawing on his experience as a painter. However, over time he developed a love for monochromatic photography, drawn to its ability to convey emotion and storytelling without the distractions of colour. This passion is evident in the NOIR collection, which showcases Anthon’s skill and vision as a photographer.

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Anthon has always been passionate about exploring the beauty of different places and the unique stories and people that inhabit them. From his humble beginnings, he has traveled the world, capturing the highlights of...
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In this collection, you will find Anthon Cauper's unique pieces of art. Each piece has its own personality and story, and ranges from traditional paintings to digital art. These pieces are important to Anthon...
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In 2009, Anthon received an invitation to participate in a documentary project in the Peruvian jungle with the Animal Planet team. The project aimed to provide medical care to the local pet owners and...
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The photographs captures the beauty of Rome through a Minolta lens on a Sony Alpha camera. The ancient city is depicted in all its splendour, with the sun's rays bathing a beautiful Roman model....
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Welcome to the portraits portfolio of Anthon Cauper Photography. Anthon is a talented photographer and visual artist based in Pucallpa, Peru. His passion for photography and art began at a young age, and he...

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